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What writers want

Looking at a lot of the day’s tweets, the cynical reader might think writers primarily care about Amazon rankings, Novel Rank tracking, the hits on their website’s buy buttons, the  number of LIKES on their latest Facebook status update, being loved and adored by gushing fans throughout the world, and getting 15 seconds of face time at the Academy Awards ceremony as Tom Hanks accepts the Oscar for the movie version of their latest book.

Sure, that ain’t bad, but this is better:

As writers, we always hope our themes, plots, settings, characters, tone and language will invite readers into our stories. We want you to lose your awareness of your beach chair, recliner or fluffed-up bedroom pillows, and find yourself deep in a Florida swamp where the howl of a panther splits the night into multiple shards of water and stars.We want you to smell the blood and the smoke of battle, the evergreen scent on the mountain wind, and the vanilla aroma of sweet grass braids in the healing ceremony.If there is joy, we hope you will accept it as yours. If there is pain, we hope you will find empathy. If there is a chilling moment, we hope you will feel cold enough to make a pot of tea but too scared to walk through your dark house to the kitchen to put the kettle on.

We always have great expectations for our readers’ experience within our stories.



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