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Malcolm’s News: Satire, ‘Emily’s Stories,’ ‘The Sun Singer’ and Rain

weekendweatherFirst, the rain. This has been a rainy year in Northeast Georgia. The good news was that we didn’t have to water our yard or suffer through water usage restrictions. The bad news was that our lawn mower used up more than the car did AND that it’s still raining now.

And, we’re getting rather tired of it.

  • What with everyone and their brother offering best of 2013 lists of books and shopping guides for the holidays, my alter-ego Jock Steward couldn’t resist a creating a satirical shopping list. You can find it here.
  • ESprintlookinsideMy three-short-story set called Emily’s Stories was released earlier this year as a Kindle and an audio book. I’m happy to announce that it’s now in print. It’s about an inquisitive 14-year-old girl who talks to spirits, find this skill very handy when trying to save the forest behind her house, understanding why the sweetbay magnolia tree in her grandmother’s yard is important, and confronting a grizzly bear on a Montana vacation trip. With Amazon’s Matchbook feature, you get a copy of the Kindle e-book for free when you purchase the print edition. Since I dedicated this book to my two granddaughters, I’m happy to have a paperback copy I can send them (even if they’re not quite old enough for it yet.)
  • SSheavysheldcoming2Like most authors during the holidays, I’ve been talking about my most recent books, primarily the three in my Garden of Heaven Trilogy (The Seeker, The Sailor, and The Betrayed). However, I’m equally excited over the January release of my novel The Sun Singer. Set in the Montana mountains, this novel is many things: fantasy, a mountain adventure story, a coming of age novel, and a book about magic. I’ll be looking forward to showing you the cover as soon as my publisher says it’s okay. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Heavy Shield Mountain which young Robert Adams sees enroute to the portal into the universe next door. I took this picture when my wife and I visited Glacier National Park in early September.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We had rain even though there was a chance of snow.



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