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Book Bits: New Amazon Imprint, Joan Didion’s Advice, Top Self-Published Books, ‘Game’

Here are a few links for a chilly and rainy December afternoon:

  1. News: Amazon Launches An Imprint For Short Fiction, by Annalisa Quinn – “Amazon Publishing has launched a new imprint, StoryFront, that aims to publish ‘high-quality short fiction across genres.'” NPR
  2. didionFeature: Here’s What Joan Didion Can Teach You About Life – “Joan Didion, writer of painful truths, hilarious observations, and wicked-good sentences, turns 79 today. She has taught us about the pleasure that can be found in keeping a notebook and the mixed feelings that can be experienced when moving away from a city you love…Here are six particularly powerful lessons than can be gleaned from her work.”  The Huffington Post
  3. News: Fixed Pricing Law Project Gets the Green Light in Québec, by Luca Palladino – “Nearly 16 months after the Québec publishing industry began its quest for fixed pricing on new titles, they finally got what they wanted…sort of. The Minister of Culture and Communications, Maka Kotto, announced earlier this week that the Québec government would go ahead with a planned law, after the holidays, that would fix a 10% discount limit on new releases for the first nine months after publication. ”  Publishers Weekly
  4. Bush


    Interview: Catherine Bush (“Accusation”), with  Padma Viswanathan – “We spend a lot of our lives working, and for many of us, work is a way of life, not just a job, a source of passion and passionate engagement. That’s true of me as a writer, and if I look at the lives of those around me, not just other artists, that’s what I see.”  The Rumpus

  5. News: One Quarter of Top 100 Amazon Kindle Titles in the US Are Self-Published, by Sovan Mandal – “Amazon revealed that as many as 25 out of 100 of its best-selling titles in 2012 were from indie publishers. This should serve as a measure of the growing clout that the indie publishers and authors have come to wield.”  GoodEReader
  6. Review: “Game,” bygame Anders de la Motte – “Siblings are drawn into a dangerous cellphone game with global ramifications…A taut thriller that will leave the reader excited for the next book in the series.”  Kirkus Reviews
  7. Quotation: “Entranced by the denotative power of words to define, to order, to represent the things around us, we’ve overlooked the songful dimension of language so obvious to our oral [storytelling] ancestors. We’ve lost our ear for the music of language — for the rhythmic, melodic layer of speech by which earthly things overhear us.” ― David Abram

SOFcover“Book Bits” is compiled by Malcolm R. Campbell, author of the comedy/satire “Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire.” In this adventure with a touch of noir, old-style reporter Jock Stewart battles a clueless local government, wimpy editors, lovers who come and go, and a hopelessly inept police force to report the news while looking for the stolen race horse Sea of Fire.


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