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Malcolm’s News: a review, a new book, a madam gets a tombstone

We have a lot of Halloween candy left over this year. Small turnout, only 24. Fewer kids in the neighborhood, I guess. My daughter’s family had 150. Maybe they were handing out steak dinners with a sack of candy corn on the side. We’re enjoying a cool fall weekend here in northeast Georgia. The fact that FSU beat Miami is icing on the figurative cake. Meanwhile, I hope your world is filled with blue skies and green lights.

  • betrayedMy new contemporary fantasy The Betrayed is in pre-release at Smashwords. Order your copy today so that when it comes out on November 6, you’ll be among the first to know why I feel like telling you “this isn’t your daddy’s easy-going fantasy.” There’s murder, kidnapping, corruption, lies, bad sex, divorce, bullets through the bedroom window, a blonde in a Rolls Royce attacked by crows, stolen credit cards. . .everything that makes writers’ lives so much fun.
  • When a book I ordered from Amazon didn’t arrive, I used the tracking number to ask FedEx what happened to it. They told me that while Amazon had generated a label for the book, they (FedEx) never got it. When I asked Amazon what happened, they said they’d just re-ship it. A day later, FedEx showed up with the original copy. Now I’m going to have to send the second copy back. Hmm, maybe I should have saved time by going to a bookstore.doorstep
  • I enjoyed reading Elizabeth Clark-Stern’s printed play On the Doorstep of the Castle. It features a fictional character, Alma de Leon, and the historical St. Teresa of Avila. The play is very well done and reads well in its paperback form. My review of the book appears on Literary Aficionado.
  • I’m happy to announce that my Rocky Mountain adventure story The Sun Singer will be out in a new edition in January. I’m happy to see the novel back in print after a three-month absence. The sequel, Sarabande, should be back in print by May.
  • gwtwContrary to popular belief, those of us who live in or near Atlanta do not read Gone with the Wind every day and twice on Sunday. We do, however, see more news related to the book than most people. So, I’m happy to report that Abbie Howard (former Atlanta resident, entrepreneur and  madam) finally has a tombstone. She only had to wait 108 years for that rock.  The late Atlanta historian Franklin Garrett speculated that Howard was the inspiration for Margaret Mitchell’s madam Belle Watling. One of the cemetary volunteers involved said, “Even a bad girl deserves a tombstone.”




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