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New Novel: The Students thought Central State was Heaven; the faculty knew it was hell

betrayedPicture this: you’re hired as a professor in the English Department of university with a beautiful campus, a renown faculty and  a highly regarded program.

When you arrive, you discover that the the administration is controlled by two-legged rats and snakes, that somebody is trying to kill you, and that a dark lady named Eve is hell bent to destroy your reputation and your life.

This is the reality of David Ward in my new contemporary fantasy novel The Betrayed which is now available for pre-order in multiple e-book formats on Smashwords. More venues will follow soon.

From the publisher: He comes home from Vietnam to save his marriage… only to find his dream job is a nightmare. David Ward runs from the truth into a future he can’t even imagine. Corruption… magic… deception…

Excerpt – David and Marlena Talk About David’s Future at the College

“I can read my fortune in your eyes,” he said when he noticed her reflection superimposed over the real world.

“You betrayed the administration,” she said. “For each free faculty member the college hires, it also hires a slave. Call it our misery compromise, our attempt to maintain a stagnant balance. You were one of the slaves. You were expected to remain in a slave state during your sentence at our fine institution—assuming you were docile and didn’t care about tenure.”

She talked fast, and her pauses and inflections were more suited to a lecture than a conversation, and he began to wonder if her organized presentation of the campus labor problem and the businesslike tone of her voice were primarily control mechanisms. When she was distracted, her eyes betrayed a cat-like wariness of people and events, and her hands rolled up napkins, facial tissues, straws, and her hair into tight springs, filled with energy, or possibly rage.

Before they left the diner to the chronic night hawks, she told him the future as she had promised. She said he would shame the devil and then tame him for a time. A victory, perhaps, but it would contain flaws.



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