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  • Wonder example of the journey's steps

    Wonder example of the journey’s steps

    The Hero’s Journey has had a great impact on my writing, most especially the books in the “Garden of Heaven Trilogy,” The Sun Singer and Sarabande. With the upcoming novel The Betrayed out of the proofreading stage, I have finally had a chance to update the hero’s journey section of my website. As we always say when things aren’t done yet, it’s a work in progress. I am using examples from Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Star Wars and The Matrix to illustrates the steps in the journey.

  • Speaking of The Sun Singer and Sarabande, I hope to announce soon that they will be back in print. Coming out next year is another hero’s journey novel, Aeon, a follow-up novel to Sarabande.
  • LandBetweenCoverI would like to thank all of you who have sent me e-mails and Facebook messages telling me your enjoyed reading my Kindle short stories: “Cora’s Crossing,” “Moonlight and Ghosts,” “The Land Between the Rivers” and “Emily’s Stories.” If any of you who enjoyed one or more to these Kindle books would like to write an Amazon review, that would help spread the word. Thank you so much.
  • As authors, many of us have come a little gun shy about GoodReads. The management there needs to take a lighter approach in solving the flame war problem. Many of us say little or nothing about our books there because we do not want to get into the gun-sights of those who are handing out one-star review to authors they don’t like and/or to authors who also write reviews they don’t like. I would like to see the reviews there serve the purpose for which reviews are intended: to tell others briefly about a book which the reviewer has read from beginning to end, and then offer an informed opinion  about how the book works within its genre.
  • betrayedI am hopeful that the final book in the “Garden of Heaven Trilogy” will be available by the end of October, first as an e-book and then as a paperback. The e-book will be available on Kindle, Nook, and multiple formats on Smashwords. You should also be able to find it on Kobo and iTunes once we have an official release date.
  • My review of Melinda Clayton’s new novel Blessed are the Wholly Broken appears on Literary Aficionado. The story features a murder, a perfect marriage gone wrong and characters that are–as the title suggests–broken one way or another.
  • It’s almost Monday again. Have a great week, and don’t forget to stock up on candy for Hallowe’en.



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    Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

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