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Elise Skidmore, you’re the winner

SOFaudioPoet Elise Skidmore (When Leaves Fall) has won a book from the other side of the tracks about the hijinks of noir reporter Jock Stewart.

Yes, she is the winner of my October give-away featuring a free Audible copy of my comedy/satire Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire as narrated by Scott Adams.

Enjoy the book, Elise.


“Jock wanted see Lucinda Trail about as much as a sick granny wanted to see an ice floe. She (Lucinda) was cold to the media, especially Jock, and it was her husband’s fault. If the Honorable Clark Trail hadn’t diligently worked over the years to become Junction City’s most inept mayor since Yorrick Muskrat in 1921, the Star-Gazer wouldn’t have called upon its readers to enjoy so many laughs at Trail’s expense. Trail, whose slogan in the last election was “I’m the Devil You Know,” thrived on imbecility because it gave voters the impression he was too stupid to be blamed for anything that went wrong in the city.”



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2 thoughts on “Elise Skidmore, you’re the winner

  1. Elise Skidmore on said:

    Thanks, Malcolm! Looking forward to listening to it!

  2. You’re welcome, Elise.

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