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Book Bits: Kofi Awoonor, Motionpoems, banned books, ‘The Lowland’

Here are a few links for readers and writers:

  1. Awoonor


    News: Remembering Poet Kofi Awoonor, Killed In Nairobi Attack, by Annalisa Quinn – “The Ghanaian poet and statesman Kofi Awoonor was killed in Saturday’s attack on a mall in Nairobi, Kenya, according to an essay by his friend Kwame Dawes in The Wall Street Journal.” NPR

  2. Essay: The Odd Habits and Curious Customs of Famous Writers, by Maria Popova – “Color-coded muses, rotten apples, self-imposed house arrest, and other creative techniques at the intersection of the superstitious and the pragmatic.” Brain Pickings
  3. Lists: How Motionpoems, Rap Genius, APR Are Driving A Poetry Renaissance, by Ava Seave – “Digital tools and platforms are driving young, hip readers and writers of poetry in ever increasing numbers to practice and appreciate the ancient art. Here’s a round up of four to watch.”  Forbes
  4. lowlandReview: “The Lowland,” by Jhumpa Lahiri, reviewed by Harvey Freedenberg – “It’s been five years since the publication of Jhumpa Lahiri’s last short story collection, Unaccustomed Earth, and 10 since the release of her only novel, The Namesake. Thus, it’s understandable that expectations for her second novel are high. The Lowland, an intricately plotted, melancholy family drama that plays out over half a century in India and America, will more than reward readers’ patience.”  BookPage
  5. News: Avert your eyes! A gallery of banned and challenged books – “This is Banned Books Week, an annual awareness campaign during which librarians and others celebrate free speech by highlighting those books challenged most during the year. Every year, the list gets longer. Here’s a look at some of the books that have been banned and challenged across the U.S.”  The Los Angeles Times
  6. punctuationFeature: 8 Punctuation Marks That Are No Longer Used, by Keith Houston – “Though the period can claim an unbroken lineage stretching back to ancient Greece, and the quotation mark may boast of its roots in the early days of printing, for every venerable survivor there are countless other symbols that did not make the grade.”  The Huffington Post
  7. News: Google Books Case Appears Ready to Be Decided, by Andrew Albanese – “It took Judge Denny Chin less than 40 minutes yesterday to hear oral arguments on the cross motions for summary judgment in the Authors Guild’s long-running lawsuit against Google over its library book scanning project. Once expected to be a defining copyright battle for the digital age when it was first filed in 2005, the case came down to a short, anticlimactic hearing in which Chin reserved judgment, but sounded more than ready to deliver a decision that could end the matter.”  Publishers weekly

“Book Bits” is compiled by Malcolm R. Campbell, author of paranormal short stories and contemporary fantasy novels.



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2 thoughts on “Book Bits: Kofi Awoonor, Motionpoems, banned books, ‘The Lowland’

  1. chellecordero on said:

    Always fascinating news, thanks Malcolm.

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