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Coming Soon: Audio Edition of “Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire”

seacover_19585817_stdMy comedy/satire Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire will be out in an audio edition within the next ten days if everything goes as planned.

I was very happy with the narration for my three-story set called Emily’s Stories. Those stories are about a fourteen-year-old girl who talks to birds and spirits. Jock Stewart, is something else again. He’s a darkly sarcastic old-style reporter  who doesn’t fit well into the political correctness of the modern age.

From the Publisher

Mainstream humor with a dash of mystery… A throwback to Hollywood’s film noir reporters, Jock Stewart is out of touch with the looming world of digital journalism. While he goes out of his way to mock those in authority by pretending to kowtow to them, he admits he does his best work by being an a**hole. A mix of Don Rickles and Don Quixote, Stewart is the man for the job when the skirts are up and the chips are down… Hard-boiled reporter Jock Stewart wakes up on the morning after the Star-Gazer office party with a hangover and an old flame in his bed and he cuddles up with the mayor’s wife in the back seat of a 1953 Desoto. Between these defining moments, he investigates the theft of the mayor’s race horse Sea of Fire and the murder of his publisher’s girl friend, Bambi Hill. Stewart discovers the truth for his news stories via an interview style based on lies, pretense and audacious behavior…

betrayedI’m looking forward to hearing what Jock sounds like from a narrator who is experienced in doing multiple voices. Which one will he pick for Jock?

Also due out this fall is the third book in the “Garden of Heaven Trilogy.” The Betrayed is set at a small college where everyone is either frightened or corrupt. Like The Seeker and The Sailor, The Betrayed will be available on Nook, Kindle, PDF at OmniLit, multiple e-book formats at Smashwords, and in trade paperback.



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2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Audio Edition of “Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire”

  1. chellecordero on said:

    Jock will indeed be a classic experience to listen to, looking forward to it.

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