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Book Bits: More Salinger books? ‘Mister Max,’ Autobiographical fiction, Joyce Maynard

Here are your readers’ and writers’ links for August 27, 2013

  1. News: Paris Uses Literary Links to Lure Customers, by Linda L. Richards – “Want to make a hotel look sexy and desirable? Highlight its connection to books and reading! At least, that’s the approach some Paris hoteliers are taking: pointing out the city’s belles-lettres background in a celebration of French literary culture. ”  January Magazine
  2. edinburghlogoViewpoint: The Edinburgh Book Festival, by Monica Edinger – “The Edinburgh Book Festival is one of the best public celebrations of books in the world. Beginning in 1983, it now goes on every August featuring an enormous range of writers and events for all sorts of readers. After years I hearing about it I finally got a firsthand taste of it last week and it was as fabulous as reported.”  The Huffington Post
  3. salingerNews: Film on Salinger Claims More Books Are Coming. By Michael Cieply and Julie Bosman – “J. D. Salinger may not be done publishing after all, according to claims in a new film and book set for release next week…The new books and stories were largely written before Mr. Salinger assigned his output to a trust in 2008, and would greatly expand the Salinger legacy. ”  The New York Times
  4. Feature: Choosing The Right Distributor: Smashwords vs Draft2Digital, by David Gaughran – “Since I started self-publishing in 2011, Smashwords has been the overwhelming favorite for savvy self-publishers who wanted or needed a distributor to reach non-Amazon e-bookstores. However, a new competitor called Draft2Digital launched a beta version of their service earlier this year and has been gaining popularity. In July, they hit 1,000 users, 10,000 titles, and 1,000,000 books sold.” Let’s Get Visible
  5. mistermaxReview: “Mister Max: The Book of Lost Things,” by Cynthia Voigt, reviewed by Malcolm R. Campbell – “Newbery medalist Cynthia Voigt (“Kingdom,” “Tillerman” and “Bad Girls” series) brings her considerable storytelling experience to an inventive adventure with a unique and resourceful protagonist. Intended for readers from 8-12, Mister Max: The Book of Lost Things is the first in a planned trilogy about the likeable and realistically drawn twelve-year-old Maximilian Starling.”  Malcolm’s Round Table
  6. Viewpoint: Bushra Rehman on Two Truths and a Lie: Writing Autobiographical Fiction – “‘Corona’ is a work of autobiographical fiction. It lives in that slippery place between memoir and fantasy. Autobiographical fiction skims the fat off the truth and then uses it to create rich buttery deserts for the reader’s pleasure. It recognizes that our lives are too fascinating not to write about and our imaginations too strong to ignore. Autobiographical fiction is an endless source of confusion for readers who want to know what really happened.”  Poets & Writers
  7. afterherReview: “After Her,” by Joyce Maynard, reviewed by Megan Fishmann – “From best-selling author Joyce Maynard—a writer who shot to international fame after the release of her memoir detailing her affair with J.D. Salinger—comes a riveting mystery, After Her. Inspired by the true-life story of the Mount Tamalpais Trailside Killer, Maynard’s thriller follows what happens when a predatory serial killer strikes in the backyard of two young girls, whose father happens to be the lead detective on the case.”  Book Page
  8. Essay: On the Thomas Pynchon Trail: From the Long Island of His Boyhood to the ‘Yupper West Side’ of His New Novel, By Boris Kachka – “Let’s get a few things straight. First of all, it’s pronounced “Pynch-ON.” Second, the great and bewildering and, yes, very private novelist is not exactly a recluse. In select company, he’s intensely social and charismatic, and, in spite of those famously shaming Bugs Bunny teeth, he was rarely without a girlfriend for the 30 years he spent wandering and couch-surfing before getting married in 1990. ”  The Vulture
  9. husbandsecretReview: “The Husband’s Secret,” by Liane Moriarty – “Australian Moriarty (The Hypnotist’s Love Story, 2012, etc.) experiments with the intersection of comedy and tragedy in her slyly ambitious consideration of secrecy, temptation, guilt and human beings’ general imperfection.”  Kirkus Reviews
  10. News: Judge Orders Apple to Detail its Objections to Revised Injunction, by Andrew Albanese – “This was one of those great, late summer weekends—but not for Apple attorneys. With tomorrow’s hearing on a proposed final order looming in Apple’s e-book price-fixing case, Judge Denise Cote wants to see exactly what parts of the DoJ’s proposed injunction Apple objects to. So, late last Friday, the judge ordered Apple attorneys to submit “a red-lined version of the Plaintiffs’ Revised Injunction striking any language to which Apple objects,” by 10 a.m. Monday this morning [August 26th].”  Publishers Weekly
  11. News: Avatar novels announced by James Cameron – “James Cameron announced he has hired Steven Charles Gould, author of ‘Jumper,’ to write four books to take place around events in his film Avatar. ” RTE
Only $2.99 on Nook.

Only $2.99 on Nook.

“Book Bits” is compiled by Malcolm R. Campbell, author of “Moonlight and Ghosts” and “Emily’s Stories.” “Book Bits” will return in mid-September.

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2 thoughts on “Book Bits: More Salinger books? ‘Mister Max,’ Autobiographical fiction, Joyce Maynard

  1. Smoky Zeidel on said:

    I can’t tell you how excited I am at the prospect of there being more Salinger books! Scott and I saw something about it, weirdly enough, on a poster stapled to a pole in Venice Beach–so we kind of took it with a grain of salt! Looking forward to the Salinger movie, too.

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