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Book Bits: David Baldacci, Lolita cover art, Apple setback, ‘The White Princess’

BookBitsIf you’re a Hemingway fan, perhaps you are celebrating his publishing debut with “Three Stories and Ten Poems” on this day in 1923. See Today in Literature for the rest of the story.

If you’re an author with a small publisher that doesn’t handle the formal copyright registrations for your books, I urge to to register the books yourself within three months of the publication date. Yes, copyright protection is automatic, but you will have reduced remedies for infringement without the registration. You can file the registration on line.

Here are today’s links:

  1. News: Scholastic Lands Baldacci’s ‘The Finisher’ – “Bestselling author David Baldacci has signed with Scholastic Press for his first standalone children’s book, a fantasy novel called The Finisher. Scholastic took North American rights to the book and is planning a March 4, 2014, publication for the title, which is targeted at children 9-13.” Publishers Weekly
  2. lolitaInterview: The Land of Metaphor: John Gall on Designing the Cover of Lolita, by John Bertram – “I interviewed graphic designer/creative director John Gall for the upcoming book that I co-edited with Yuri Leving entitled ‘Lolita – The Story of a Cover Girl: Vladimir Nabokov’s Novel in Art and Design’ being published this month by Print Books. In it, eighty graphic designers provided their own cover designs for Nabokov’s famous novel.” The Millions
  3. News: The World’s Top-Earning Authors: With ’50 Shades,’ E.L. James Debuts At No. 1, by Jeff Bercovici – “E.L. James — known to her friends and family as Erika Leonard — didn’t follow any of the rules for getting to the top, but she’s there all the same, debuting on the 2013 top-earning authors list with an estimated $95 million in earnings.”  Forbes
  4. nyrViewpoint: An Open Letter to the New York Review of Books, Jane Vandenburgh – “Really? the only woman contributor among your 25 is April Bernard, reviewing Frank Bidart’s new book of poems? Really? the only female “author” the NYRB exhibits any interest in this time is the unfortunate Amanda Knox, where the theme of the review seems to be which lines are this poor girl’s and which belong to her work-for-hire ghostwriter?” The Huffington Post
  5. fallingReview: “Falling Into the Fire: A Psychiatrist’s Encounters with the Mind in Crisis,” by Christine Montross, reviewed by Matthew Tiffany – The book “is as good an account of the labyrinth of mental health care as you’re likely to read. Her work in critical care psychiatric settings is the source material, and she launches from discussions of clients into larger questions about the nature of psychiatry and of mental health.”  The Daily Beast
  6. How To: 3 Disagreements About How to Use “Either” and “Neither” by Mark Nichol – “Use of either and neither, and their associated words or and nor, is complicated by disagreements about proper usage. Here’s a discussion of the words and the opinions about their appropriate use.”  Daily Writing Tips
  7. applelogoNews: Judge Denies Apple a Stay, by Andrew Albanese – “Apple was dealt another setback in its e-book price-fixing case late Friday afternoon, as Judge Denise Cote denied Apple a stay of all proceedings pending its appeal. And in a ruling that led to a tense exchange with Apple lead counsel Orin Snyder, the judge also denied Apple’s proposed schedule for its damages trial, and ordered the parties to finish discovery by the end of December, 2013 with summary judgment motions to be fully briefed by February 28, 2014.”  Publishers Weekly
  8. Quotation: “All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished reading one you will feel that all that happened to you and afterwards it all belongs to you: the good and the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse and sorrow, the people and the places and how the weather was. If you can get so that you can give that to people, then you are a writer.” ― Ernest Hemingway
  9. manfrommarsReview: ‘The Man From Mars: Ray Palmer’s Amazing Pulp Journey,’ by Fred Nadis, reviewed by By  Michael Saler – “Few people have heard of Ray Palmer outside the science fiction and UFO communities, and even within these, he is remembered mostly as a genial huckster. When he was editor of the magazine Amazing Stories during the late 1930s and ’40s, he told prospective writers to ‘gimme bang-bang,’ which hardly qualified him as the Maxwell Perkins of science fiction. ”  The Washington Post
  10. Commentary: The Ideal English Major, by Mark Edmundson – “An English major is much more than 32 or 36 credits including a course in Shakespeare, a course on writing before 1800, and a three-part survey of English and American lit. That’s the outer form of the endeavor. It’s what’s inside that matters. It’s the character-forming—or (dare I say?) soul-making—dimension of the pursuit that counts.” The Chronicle of Higher Education
  11. dervishEssay: The Collapse of a Writing Routine—and How It Was Restored, by Frances Kazan – “Time and change are unavoidable; gradually my husband’s health declined. The two of us continued to work during that last hot summer, then, three weeks after his birthday, he died. In defiance of this truth I kept writing, clinging to my routine to maintain the appearance of normality, but the silence overhead became a crashing noise…My writing routine collapsed. The manuscript of The Dervish languished in a drawer.”  Jane Friedman
  12. Feature: Pets in literature – quiz – “News that the hero of Charlotte’s Web was based on a real-life pet of EB White is a good reminder of the touching role of pets in literature. Have you adopted many animal classics? Or are you barking up the wrong tree?”  The Guardian
  13. whiteprincessReview: “The White Princess,” by Philippa Gregory – “In the aftermath of the Wars of the Roses, the new queen of Henry VII, founder of the Tudor dynasty, struggles with divided loyalties…As usual, Gregory delivers a spellbinding (and definitely York-biased) exposé.”  Kirkus Reviews
  14. Feature: Twitter Reactions to Bezos’ Purchase of Washington Post, by Hannah Johnson – “Social media networks exploded with comments, retweets and shares when the news broke on Monday afternoon that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will buy The Washington Post for $250 million.”  Publishing Perspectives
  15. News: Amazon to Begin Collecting Georgia Sales Tax, by Greg Bensinger – “Beginning Sept. 1, Georgia will become the latest state where Amazon will begin collecting sales tax, the company said.”  The Wall Street Journal

“Book Bits” is compiled by Malcolm R. Campbell, author of “The Sailor,” a gritty fantasy about life on board an aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War.



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