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Book Bits: ‘The Great Gypsy’? Jenni Rivera, Kelley Hazen, Apple, Susan Crandall

Here are a few links for Saturday, July 13, 2013:

  1. News: ‘The Great Gypsy’? School Reading List Is Error-Riddled, by Annalisa Quinn – “A school district in Long Island, N.Y., has flunked its own summer reading list. The Hempstead Public Schools list features authors such as ‘George Ornell’ and ‘Emily Bonte,’ (properly spelled Orwell and Brontë) alongside dozens of other spelling and punctuation errors. Most memorably, the list — which bears the motto ‘Those who read more, achieve more’ — refers to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The ‘Great Gatsby’ as ‘The Great Gypsy.'”  NPR
  2. unbreakableNews: Rivera Memoir a Multiple Hit – “The memoir by the late singer and actress Jenni Rivera scored a couple of unusual achievements last week, placing three different editions of the book among the top 25 adult nonfiction titles on Nielsen BookScan for the week ended July 7.” Publishers Weekly … Jenni Rivera’s first recording was a teenager’s birthday present for her father. By the time that she died in a 2012 airplane crash at the age of 43, this short-lived Spanish-language singer had sold 15 million albums and was a five-time double-platinum recording star. In this posthumously published memoir, she writes about her early life as the daughter of undocumented immigrants, her eventful performing and recording career, and her personal life. Barnes & Noble
  3. Feature: Day of Magical Tweeting: Fake Joan Didion Twitter Account Fools ‘Wall Street Journal’ by Jason Diamond – “We’ve known that Joan Didon wants nothing to do with with Twitter for a few years now, but we got worried that the folks at The Wall Street Journal didn’t get that memo when we saw the article posted below:” Flavorwire
  4. Hazen


    Interview: Actress Kelley Hazen (“Nightingale in a Music Box,” “Grey’s Anatomy”) with Malcolm R. Campbell – Hazen talks about Storyteller Productions, the studio she recently founded with her husband to do book narration and voive-over work. “I strive for a  sense of…almost ‘sitting on the listener’s shoulder,’ a quality of being in their heads, in their imaginations – a very intimate experience. I think when you combine that artistic goal with the technical mechanics of the right hardware you  have the opportunity to create that sense of “being there with the listener.” Malcolm’s Round Table

  5. Commentary: Apple faces triple damages, longshot appeal in ebook conspiracy, by Jeff John Roberts – “Apple is likely to pay more than the $166 million that publishers paid for their role in an ebook conspiracy. The higher amount relates to a triple damages rule and Apple’s refusal to admit wrongdoing.” Paid Content
  6. whistlingReview: “Whistling Past the Graveyard,” By Susan Crandall, reviewed by  Elisabeth Atwood – “Put Susan Crandall’s latest novel in your beach bag and be prepared to devour it in a day or two—even though this isn’t just a breezy, sweet tea and peach pie kind of read. Crandall’s novel visits themes that are not new to the Southern lit reader, but her point of view and relationship development are fresh and captivating.” Book Page
  7. News: Comic book to detail rise, fall of celebrity chef Paula Deen – “Celebrity chef Paula Deen, who lost book deals, contracts and her television cooking show on The Food Network after she admitted using a racial slur, is set to be a comic book star of female empowerment, a publisher said on Wednesday.” Reuters
  8. Commentary: Novels remain the best interactive media, by Damien Walter – “Some predict traditional fiction will be superannuated by new technology. But it already uses better hard and software” The Guardian
  9. perfectlondonFeature: Roger Ebert’s Pilgrimage, by Kate Engelhart – “Walking London with the late film critic, thanks to his long-lost 1986 book…Ebert—the lifelong Chicago newspaperman—loved Britain. Each year he visited at least once, but often many times. He dreamed of moving to London. In his 2011 memoir Life Itself, he wrote, ‘I felt a freedom in London I’ve never felt anywhere.'” Slate
  10. News: New York Public Library Is Sued Over Book Plan, by Robin Pogrebin – “A group of prominent writers and scholars filed a lawsuit on Wednesday to stop the New York Public Library from demolishing the stacks in its flagship 42nd Street building or moving any books off the site. The complaint, filed in New York State Supreme Court, formalizes concerns about the Central Library Plan, which would replace the stacks with a circulating library and is expected to cost at least $300 million. ” The New York Times

“Book Bits” is compiled several times a week by Malcolm R. Campbell, author of contemporary fantasy novels and paranormal short stories.



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2 thoughts on “Book Bits: ‘The Great Gypsy’? Jenni Rivera, Kelley Hazen, Apple, Susan Crandall

  1. melindaclayton on said:

    “The Great Gypsy” – Yowza!

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