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Book Bits: Oldest LA Bookstore closes, ‘Revolutionary Summer,’ Schine, Gaiman

Congratulations to actress and film maker Marianna Palka for her successful Kickstarter campaign to finance her film “I’m the Same.”BookBits When her original funding fell through, 403 backers stepped up via Kickstarter to raise $19,718. Love Story. Skye is Scottish and Oliver is English, they are both UK Ex Pats in Los Angeles. They are enemies yet the same.

Here are your links for Saturday, July 6:

  1. williamsbookstoreNews: Los Angeles’s oldest bookstore closing after more than a century in business, by Nick Davies – “Not every struggling bookstore, unfortunately, can find a savior to bring it back to life like the Kingston Bookery. Today we bring you sadder news, of Williams’ Book Store in the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles, which is shutting its doors after 104 years in business. ”  Melville House
  2. Bestsellers:  Second Honeymoon, by James Patterson and Howard Roughan; Inferno by Dan Brown; Damaged 2, by H. M. Ward; The Newcomer, by Robyn Carr; And the Mountains Echoed, by Khaled Hosseini. – USA Today
  3. RevolutionarySummerReview: Compelling, informative ‘Revolutionary Summer’ is a literary coup, by Bob Minzesheimer – “The July edition of the 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll asks, ‘Who was Thomas Paine?’ Fewer than half of respondents — 44% — correctly identify Paine as an American revolutionary. Forty percent said they don’t know; others thought he wrote The Star-Spangled Banner (9%), was an 18th-century explorer (3%) or served as President Ford’s secretary of State (3%). But in 1776, as Joseph Ellis writes in his dramatic slice of history, Revolutionary Summer, Paine was a best-selling radical.” USA Today
  4. News: Paula Deen’s Bad Week Leads to Great Sales, by Rachel Deahl – “Paula Deen may be on the outs with her publisher, but the break, it turns out, hasn’t been all bad for business. After word broke late last week that Random House was canceling its October-scheduled book by the celebrity chef, Paula Deen’s New Testament, interest rose in Deen’s backlist. According to sales figures from Nielsen BookScan, Deen sold a little over 4,000 books in the week ending June 30, up from just over 500 the week before.” Publishers Weekly
  5. amazonlogoFeature: As Competition Wanes, Amazon Cuts Back Discounts, by David Streitfeld – “Jim Hollock’s first book, a true-crime tale set in Pennsylvania, got strong reviews and decent sales when it appeared in 2011. Now “Born to Lose” is losing momentum — yet Amazon, to the writer’s intense frustration, has increased the price by nearly a third. ” The New York Times
  6. neilgaimanInterview: The Injustice of Myth, by Amy Goldschlager – Neil Gaiman talks about  The Ocean at the End of the Lane – “’This is a book about memory if it’s about anything else,’ says Gaiman.  Although the narrator subsequently forgets these literally life-changing events (for reasons revealed later in the story), they clearly affect him profoundly. ‘I really do hope he’s a better person at the end of the book. I think he is.’” Kirkus Reviews
  7. Lists: 5 Google Reader Alternatives, by Meghan Ward – “If you read many blogs, you probably use an RSS reader, and chances are that RSS reader is Google Reader—or was. Google Reader will be obsolete as of Monday, July 1, so you’ve got three more days to get your feeds transferred to a new reader before you lose all your data. Here are my favorite alternatives.” Writerland
  8. News: Kickstarter Pulls ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Sequel, by Jason Boog – “A Kickstarter project pitched as a sequel to Where the Wild Things Are by the late Maurice Sendak has been pulled from the crowdfunding site. HarperCollins filed a DMCA notice with Kickstarter.” Galley Cat
  9. salingermovieViewpoint: The ‘Salinger’ Trailer is Phony and Ridiculous, by Chloe Schama – “Let’s begin by admitting that this is an easy target: The movie trailer is hardly (ever?) a paragon of nuance. But, even by such standards, the new trailer for Salinger, a biopic-documentary produced by The Weinstein Company and directed by Shane Salerno (who spent $2 million of his own cash to get the film made), scheduled to be released this September, descends to some pretty abysmal lows.” New Republic
  10. Feature: PP Redux: Visiting the All-England Club’s Wimbledon Library, by Roger Tagholm – “With the Wimbledon tennis tournament ongoing in London, we visit the club library, where 7,000 tennis-inspired books are just a lob’s away from Center Court. The surprise exit of so many stars this year might just leave you with an excuse to take your eyes off the matches for a moment and pop in.” Publishing Perspectives
  11. Rfinandladyeview: “Fin & Lady,” by Cathleen Schine – “Cathleen Schine can always be counted on for an enticing, smart read, and her latest novel, Fin & Lady, is no exception, but it’s an odd duck, as quirky as its peculiarly named titular half-siblings. Neither as sparklingly funny as her most recent book, The Three Weissmanns of Westport, nor as brainy as her earlier Rameau’s Niece, Fin & Lady is light, entertaining, and ultimately moving, but you can’t help wondering what Schine hoped to achieve with it.” NPR
  12. Lists: Five reasons to support your local indie bookshop, by Felicity Rubinstein  – “Without independent bookshops your reading matter would get blander, and authors such as Hilary Mantel might never hit the big time.”  The Guardian
  13. How To: What’s the Difference Between “Frantic” and “Frenetic”? by Mark Nichol – “Frantic and frenetic share a common etymological source — along with frenzy and words associated with psychiatric conditions and a discredited pseudoscience — but the adjectives differ in connotation.” Daily writing Tips
  14. GretawellsReview: “The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells,” by Andrew Sean Greer, reviewed by Stephenie Harrison, – “Which life will Greer’s time-traveler heroine choose?…Andrew Sean Greer masterfully harnesses the dizzying powers of his imagination to explore the intoxicating question of “what if?” in a story that proves utterly enchanting. ” Book Page
  15. News: Amazon Patents ‘DVD Extras’ for E-Books, by Roberto Baldwin – “As far as media delivery goes, e-books are pretty flat. You get the book and maybe some notes or background info from the publisher, and that’s pretty much it. That’s not good enough for Amazon. The company was just awarded a patent, which it originally applied for on November 24, 2010, describing a way to enhance your electronic reading experience with more personalized content — not just from publishers, but from your friends as well.” Wired

“Book Bits” is compiled by Malcolm R. Campbell, author of the new Vietnam-era contemporary fantasy, “The Sailor.”



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