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VHP offers new combo ghost story e-book at only 99 cents

spookycoverVanilla Heart Publishing has combined two of my ghost stories, Cora’s Crossing and Moonlight and Ghosts, into a brand new two-story e-book called Spooky Stories(Kindle link.)

The .99 price is a great deal. Plus, it’s nice to have two stories from the Florida Panhandle together in one e-book. (Kindle link.)

Cora’s Crossing: Two young men are mysteriously drawn to an old bridge during a rogue thunderstorm, where they discover the dead are waiting to speak and their lives are in jeopardy when they help an injured young woman they find beside the road.

Moonlight and Ghosts: On a moonlit night, Randy’s intuition is drawing him back to an abandoned psychiatric hospital where he once worked. He and his friend, Alice, have heard the ghost hunters’ claims the building is haunted, filled with strange lights, apparitions and the voices of former patients calling for help. The Forgotten point them to a crime in progress… and there’s not much time to save the victim.

heritageBy the way, Cora’s Crossing is set on Bellamy Bridge, just north of Florida Caverns State Park. An old legend claims the abandoned bridge really is haunted. If you live near Marianna, Florida, you can take a tour of the bridge and see if any ghosts try to contact you. Here’s the link for more information.

Cora’s Crossing begins where the legend ends and (Do I really need to tell you this?) it happens on a dark and storm night many years ago. Moonlight and Ghosts is set in Tallahassee. I hope you enjoy the stories.

Also available here:

Smashwords – All Electronic Formats

AllRomance/OmniLit –



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