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Book Bits: Lydia Davis, psychic Apple judge? Ramona Ausubel, ‘The Fall of Arthur’

BookBitsWhile I once taught a college course in communications law, the 24-hour news networks never ask me to comment on the big trials of the day such as the Apple e-books case. Nonetheless, when a judge says prior to a trial that s/he thinks s/he knows who’s going to win before seeing all the evidence, that’s going to end up being grounds for something. (Item 2) Of course, psychic powers may be involved.

  1. davisNews: American Lydia Davis Wins Man Booker International Prize, by  Edward Nawotka – “The judges of the Man Booker International Prize have done what recent Nobel Prize committees have refused to  do: honor an American for ‘achievement in fiction on the world stage.’ Lydia Davis was honored with the biennial prize today at a ceremony in London, taking home £60,000 ($90,000).”  Publishing Perspectives
  2. News: Judge says leaning toward U.S. in Apple e-books case – “In an unusual move before a trial, a federal judge expressed a tentative view that the U.S. Justice Department will be able to show evidence that Apple Inc engaged in a conspiracy with publishers to increase e-book prices.”  Reuters
  3. On the list

    On the list

    Lists: PW Picks: The Best New Books for the Week of May 27, 2013, by Gabe Habash – “This week, Richard Scarry for grown-ups, the tireless work of translators, and the final novel from a Nobel laureate. Plus: talking with the last survivors of WWI.”  Publishers Weekly

  4. News: First edition of ‘Great Gatsby’ to be sold at auction – “A first edition copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, “The Great Gatsby,” will be up for sale next month and could fetch up to $150,000, Sotheby’s said on Thursday.”  Reuters
  5. Quotation: “Get advice for your writing. Listen to suggestions. But be comfortable enough in yourself to make the final choice which critique advice to keep and which to ignore, because your critiquer doesn’t live in that house…you do.” – Hope Clark
  6. ramonaInterview: The Chemistry between Fiction and Reality: The Millions Interviews Ramona Ausubel, by  Edan Lepucki – “It’s always amazing to me how long you can go along, not realizing your own obsessions. I first wrote these stories as individuals and not as a book, and then I looked back at the stack and the themes jumped right out at me. There was a moment where I actually felt deflated by this, worrying that my range seemed limited or something. Then someone said to me, ‘No, that’s what a book is.’ After that, I decided to really push the question of what it is to be born again and again throughout ”  The Millions
  7. Quotation: “Independent bookselling is the essential recipe ingredient that puts the right books in the right hands at the right times. We’ve always known this, but now the rest of our industry is keenly aware that what we do for books, authors and readers is unmatched and has to be supported.” —Becky Anderson, outgoing president of the American Booksellers Association
  8. fallofarthurCommentary: Tolkien’s Unfinished Epic: ‘The Fall of Arthur’ by John Garth – “One of Tolkien’s abandoned projects was an epic poem about the legend of King Arthur. Laid aside for decades, The Fall of Arthur has finally been published.” The Daily Beast
  9. How To: A Parenthetical Puzzle, by Mark Nichol – “Writers sometimes trip themselves up when they try to introduce a parenthetical element in a sentence without ensuring that the main clause of the sentence remains grammatically coherent. ” Daily Writing Tips
  10. Essay: The Literary Canon—What Books Should Be Required Reading? by Meghan Ward – “The canon debate—whether referring to the American Literary Canon or the Western Literary Canon—has been a point of contention among academics since the sixties when liberals began fighting for more women and minorities and fewer “dead European men” to be included in the canon.” Writerland
  11. queeenvictoriaReview: Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells: An Anthology of Gaslamp Fiction, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, reviewewsd by Malcolm R. Campbell – “Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling have brought lovers of fantasy so many anthologies over the years that the announcement of a new release sends long-time readers to book stores at top speed. When they read the eighteen new stories in Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells, they won’t be disappointed.”  Literary Aficionado
  12. Viewpoint: You Know a Book’s Good When… by Elizabeth Bluemle – “Some books get you in their talons and won’t let go. You know a book has you in its grip when…”  ShelfTalker
  13. ruleofwolfeReview: The Rules of Wolfe, by James Carlos Blake, reviewed by Keir Graff – “Building on his leisurely, quasi-autobiographical saga Country of the Bad Wolfes (2012), Blake uses the characters of his sprawling Mexican American clan to offer a new spin on the kind of hard-edged outlaw tale he’s better known for…It’s a hell of a ride.”  Booklist
  14. Feature: Holler If Ya Read Me: African-American Writers—and Readers—Fret Over the Future of Thug Lit, by Darren Sands – “Will success undo the authenticity of a genre that prizes it?”  The Observer
  15. News: “Bookless library” set to open in Texas, by Katie McDonough – “Some are calling it a “bookless” library, but paperless is a more accurate description of the all-digital public library branch set to open in Texas this fall. The $1.5 million facility in Bexar County will not house a single printed book, but will offer 100 e-readers on loan, and 10,000 digital titles accessible to readers via their home computers and digital devices, with more being added regularly.” Salon

“Book Bits” is compiled several times a week by Malcolm R. Campbell, author of new fantasy adventure called “The Seeker.”

Now available on Nook

Now available on Nook


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