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Six Days Left in ‘The Seeker’ Giveaway on GoodReads

seekergiveaway2My latest fantasy adventure novel, The Seeker, still has a few left in its GoodReads giveaway. We have three trade paperback copies ready to mail out after May 21.

The novel tells the story of David Ward, who grows up on a Montana sheep ranch and who seeks visions in the high country, his dysfunctional grandparents Katoya and Jayee, and is lover Anne Hill. David and Anne meet as summer employees in Glacier National Park. At the summer’s end, he goes back to college in Chicago and she goes back to college in Florida. His intuition tells him she’s in danger. He uses old magic to save her life. After that, the relationship that began in Glacier’s Garden of Heaven seems doomed to fail in Florida’s Tate’s Hell Swamp.

Here’s a snippet from Anne’s visit to the ranch:

Chokecherry Tree - Wikipedia photo

Chokecherry Tree – Wikipedia photo

They spent the night beneath deep purple cherries and alternate leaves; they spent the night upon an ocean of grass along the ridge above the highway. They spent the night cradled by seedlings faraway into the lodgepole pine forest well past the property line. They spent themselves and they were electric beneath the blinding sky.

An hour before dawn, they heard the creek’s tender song and danced a long, slow dance around the chokecherry tree. They were saturated with sweat, and the breeze raised goosebumps across their salty skin except where they were crushed against each other. Anne whispered, “Night is liquid magic; we’re stirred together. You’ve taken me beyond myself, higher than the wolf trail stars, and what we have of each other, we own.”

His hands slid down her back and came to rest on her swaying hips and he felt a sweet tension rise up her spine, a lingering need they were too tired to acknowledge. When he said, “Forever, I am daring to say it to you,” she wrenched away, and he was unconditionally bare beneath her gaze.

Here’s a snippet from David’s visit to a Florida swamp:

Florida Swamp - Wikipedia photo

Florida Swamp – Wikipedia photo

“It is so,” he said, and so saying he saw that they glowed with light that came not from scrub oak but from the touch of new scars golden in spite of the fresh blood.

Now then, infinity passed while they bled toward death in Tate’s Hell where limpkins and panthers scream, snakes tempt lovers with stories of good and evil, and dark silences are invitations to dream into oneself the all of the swamp.

“Consummate me, David.”

They tore into each other and their cries blended into the song of the near world.

Afterwards, they sloshed Betadine on their arms and tightly bound their wounds with a rolled gauze bandage from her first aid kit before falling asleep in the company of blackgum, Nyssa sylvatica, and cotton gum, Nyssa aquatica, trees scarce paces east of the fire.

If you win a copy, I hope you enjoy the novel. If you don’t win, you’ll find it in trade paperback, Kindle and Nook, and in multiple e-book formats at AllRomance, OmniLit and Smashwords.


Excerpts Copyright (c) 2013 by Malcolm R.  Campbell


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