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Need fantasy? Enter the GoodReads giveaway for ‘The Seeker’

seekergiveawayThe first book in my new Garden of Heaven Trilogy, The Seeker, was released several days ago. Now, those of you who like contemporary fantasy with a touch of grit and summer romances that run into magical trouble, have a chance to win a free copy on GoodReads.*

David Ward grows up in the Montana mountains where he learns magic from his medicine woman grandmother, Black Horse, Eagle, and Raven. His vision quest shows him glimpses of the future, but it leaves out a crucial detail.

When he and Anne meet as college students working at Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier Park, their intense summer romance seems destined to last forever. That Autumn, Anne is stalked on a dark college street; David uses old magic to try and save her. But there are consequences, and they lead straight to Tate’s Hell, a Florida swamp where he finds panthers, alligators and blood.

Have fun in the giveaway.


* Due to the subject matter, the GoodReads giveaway requires entrants to be 18 or older.

Released this month in Kindle and trade paperback

Released this month in Kindle and trade paperback


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