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EScoverEmily’s Stories, my three-story e-book about a 14-year-old Florida girl who talks to birds and spirits as she fights to save a forest from a developer, save her father from a grizzly bear on a Montana vacation, and learns family secrets about the old house on the river, is now available on Kindle and in multiple formats on SmashWords and OmniLit.

The price in all formats is only $2.99

6x9 CVR2 (2)My previously released e-books Cora’s Crossing and Moonlight and Ghosts can now be purchased together in one paranormal e-book, the Spooky Stories Bundle Pack. They’re still available separately as well. Cora’s Crossing features a haunted bridge and Moonlight and Ghosts features a haunted and abandoned hospital.

The Trilogy

My publisher, editor and I are working hard to complete my upcoming magical realism/fantasy novel The Seeker. All of us ended up with some pretty full plates. With a little luck, this first Seekernovel in my “Garden of Heaven Trilogy” will be out this Spring in paperback and e-book.

You can learn more about the trilogy on my website here.

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Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of gaslamp fantasy, here’s a post on my Magic Moments blog about Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells, a new anthology edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling.

Best wishes for a great weekend.



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