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Wall Street Journal: Those good old paywalls

More and more newspapers are locking some or all of their content behind paywalls. This makes sense since newspapers can hardly stay afloat if all their efforts are given away for free on the Internet.

However, when I discover a paywall, I remove that newspaper as a resource for my “Book Bits” posts because I don’t want to send people into blind alleys when they’re expecting to see a book review or an author interview.

Those not familiar with the Wall Street Journal believe it’s 100% focused on business, industry and finance. Not quite. It has traditionally had very strong features, including book reviews. As such, “Book Bits” has linked to it quite often. Now, all or most of the reviews require a reader subscription.

Traditional newspaper reviews and features supply a fine balance to the online-only news and review sources. I hate to lose the WSJ on my list.


EScoverMalcolm R. Campbell is the author of contemporary fantasy novels and short stories, including the new “Emily’s Stories.” The e-book contains three stories about a 14-year-old Florida girl and her adventures with ghosts and other helpful spirits.


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