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A Valentine’s Day Surprise



Author S. R. Claridge (“House of Lies,” “Death Trap”) says I’m her Funny Valentine. In fact, she’s been busy on her blog surprising her writer friends with Valentine posts. Everybody who knows me knows that I have an alter ego named Jock Stewart who writes sarcastic satire. Susan was thinking of this when she alleged that I’m funny.

Here’s her Funny Valentine post on Feeling the Fiction.

But there’s more:

Marilyn Morris (“My Ashes of Dead Lovers Garage Sale”) is a Brat’s Valentine, Chelle Cordero (“Bartlett’s Rule”) is a ‘Chelle’-ing Out Great Novels Valentine, Melinda Clayton (“Entangled Thorns”) is a Psychological Prowess Valentine, Charmaine Gordon (“To Be Continued”) is a Charming Charmaine Valentine, Smoky Zeidel (“The Storyteller’s Bracelet”) is a Smoky Valentine, L. E. Harvey (“Imperfect,” “Impeccable”)  is an Imperfect, Impeccable Valentine, Robert Hayes (“Blood on the Roses’) is a Blood on the Roses Valentine and Collin Kelley (“Conquering Venus,” “Remain in Light” is a Conquering Venus Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Susan, my What A Surprise Valentine. I was going to send you a virtual box of high-quality chocolate, but Jock said, “The heck with that, send her a Snickers bar because you’re laughing.”snickers



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2 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Surprise

  1. HA! I LOVE it! Thanks, Malcolm…. and Jock was right, Snickers are my favorite anyway. 🙂 Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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