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skd188148sdcThose of us who like fantasy, love the magic of the Winter Solstice, Yuletide celebrations, and snowy evenings beneath cold stars in evergreen forests. Ancient traditions bring us the stories of sacred groves, the Holly King and Oak King, and rebirth. These legends sustain us throughout the long winter and they bring us stories of magic we can share with family as we sit around our warm fireplaces with eggnog and hot chocolate. Yule is, of course, a solar festival, and it draws us strongly back into the natural rhythms of changing seasons in spite of our modern preoccupation with technology, shopping, and urban/suburban life that is estranged from Mother Earth.

mayanI was amused by the high number of cartoons and jokes about the apocalypse that made their way onto Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook. People were, as they said, telling “apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow.” One graphic on Facebook displayed words to the effect that if the Mayans were so wise about the future of the world, wouldn’t we still have Mayans? I wonder if any of the world’s seven million Mayans saw that graphic and felt discounted.

In addition to the release of my paranormal e-book short story “Cora’s Crossing” this past week, I have posted new reviews of Donna Love’s The Totally Out There Guide to Glacier National Park on Malcolm’s Round Table and Sheridan Hough’s romantic mystery Mirror’s Fathom on Literary Aficionado. Meanwhile, I’m busy preparing for 2013 when, among other things, Vanilla Heart Publishing will release my fantasy adventure Garden of Heaven – The Trilogy.

“Book Bits” is taking a break this coming week as my wife and I celebrate Christmas with her father on his Northwest Georgia farm. If we get snow again, I hope we’re not snowbound because he doesn’t have an Internet access there. That’s probably just as well since surfing really isn’t very festive no matter how addictive it may be.  It will give me a chance to enjoy Terri Windling’s classic fantasy The Wood Wife and, perhaps, spin a few yarns around the fireplace.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.


coracoverMalcolm R. Campbell is the author of the contemporary fantasy novels “Sarabande” and “The Sun Singer” and the paranormal Kindle short stories “Moonlight and Ghosts” and Cora’s Crossing.”


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