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Roses among the thorns


“There are thorns among the roses that blossom on the wayside of our existence.”  – Caroline Lee Hentz in “Marcus Warland: or, The Long Moss Spring.” 1869

A 175-year-old ghost quotes this line from an old novel in my upcoming Kindle short story “Cora’s Crossing.” Though an archaic way of expressing the sentiment, it seems apt in both my story and in life itself.

In her recent post, “A Single Cup of Hot Tea,” author Smoky Zeidel posts an excerpt about a moment of happiness written by her husband Scott for their upcoming book “Trails,” and then asks her readers if they have experienced such moments.

I was happy to say that such moments aren’t rare for me at all.  But, there are also the thorns. One of my brothers had a stroke a week ago and is currently unable to speak or walk. My wife’s favorite aunt died a few days ago, and we just returned home yesterday from the funeral. A friend of ours has been diagnosed with cancer. The ongoing economic crisis is seriously impacting our current income and retirement plans.

During the funeral, one of the ministers suggested that one way to keep alive the memories of Lesa’s 99-year-old aunt, is by telling stories. As an author, I cannot help but agree. I like swapping stories over glasses of wine, around campfires, and in my fiction. Many of those stories are humorous, exciting or heroic. They make for great yarns and wonderful plots for writers’ novels and short stories.

Those roses are the moments of happiness we will long cherish.



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2 thoughts on “Roses among the thorns

  1. Beautiful post, Malcolm.

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