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Book Bits: 2012 nonfiction to keep, literary gift guide, ‘The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards’

BookBitsHere are a few links for Monday evening, November 3:

  1. News: Appeal Filings Outline Authors Guild’s Objections to HathiTrust Opinion, by Andrew Albanese – “With a new round of filings hitting the docket last week, the Authors Guild appeal of Judge Harold Baer’s landmark copyright decision in the the HathiTrust case is underway. The broad appeal raises a handful of key questions on which the Guild is seeking review by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, including whether the district court erred in finding the scan plan to be fair use.” Publishers Weekly
  2. Feature: Literary Gift Guide, by Lauren Roberts – “What fun I had last week doing all that shopping yet not spending a dime. There’s something genuinely satisfying about looking, admiring, dreaming, planning, and then moving on with nary a second thought. But when one is looking to buy gifts then finding them is essential, hopefully without much trouble. To that end, I present the second of four parts of your Literary Gift Guide 2012.” Bibliobuffet
  3. leopardsReview: “The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards,” by Jansma, Kristopher – “Online columnist Jansma performs a veritable circus act here, cramming his first novel with literary allusions until it’s like a small car stuffed with clowns, who then first burst forth to cavort and turn balloons into poodles. This canny, seductive, and utterly transfixing tale about the magic of storytelling and the misery of writing is told by an itinerant, chameleonic writer who calls himself Nobody. ” Booklist
  4. Feature: Finders Keepers: 2012’s Books To Hang On To, by Heller McAlpin – “This year’s treasures — none rescued from obscurity, but all standouts I’m likely to press on friends or want to read again — include a Nobel-winner’s blazing illumination of insidious racism; a posthumous memoir by an intrepid journalist who shied from reporting on nothing, including his own fatal illness; a heart-racing memoir about literally outpacing your demons; a fun first novel that makes a passionate case for reading on all platforms; and a fascinating study of fraternal bonds.” NPR
  5. How To: Style and Register by Neal Whitman – “The varieties of language you use in different areas of your life are known as speaking or writing styles. Some particularly specialized styles, such as those used in the courtroom, or poetry, or the operating room, are known as registers. Being able to switch smoothly and appropriately between different styles or registers is a skill; it’s not always easy to do.” – Grammar Girl
  6. Lists: 15 best books of 2012 – nonfiction – “From a study of 19th-century photographer Edward Curtis to an examination of life in a present-day Mumbai slum, the nonfiction titles of 2012 opened doors to stories we’d never imagined. Here are the Monitor’s picks for the 15 best nonfiction books of the year.”  The Christian Science Monitor
  7. News: Rowling’s Latest to Become TV Series. J.K. Rowling’s recent novel for adults, The Casual Vacancy, has received some negative reviews in the press as well as from fans of her best-selling Harry Potter fantasy series. Yet Britain’s BBC One and BBC Drama have reached a deal to create a TV series based on that book about a small English town rife with hidden class and inter-generational struggles. Rowling, who will reportedly be involved in the book’s adaptation, is quoted in The Hollywood Reporter as saying, “I always felt that, if [The Casual Vacancy] were to be adapted, this novel was best suited to television, and I think the BBC is the perfect home.” Plans are to debut the series in 2014. – The Rap Sheet


“Book Bits” is compiled by Malcolm R. Campbell, author of contemporary fantasy.


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