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Katy (a large calico) believes she’s my muse

This huge calico cat with a huge attitude usually sits behind me on my swivel desk chair when I write. Like Kim Novak’s cat Pyewacket in the movie “Bell, Book and Candle” Katy thinks she helps me write ghost stories and fantasies that cast spells over my readers. Katy may be right, though I’d prefer to think of her as a helper rather than a “familiar.”

There’s also something about this chair next to the fireplace. (Probably has spirits under it.) Any time I sit in it, Katy leaps into my lap. My brother Barry saw her there this weekend and snapped a picture. Seriously, I think Katy and I are much hotter than Kim and Pyewacket!

Our three cats do bring a lot of vibes and energies into the house. They seem closer to uncertain places, boundaries and primal currents than most human-type entities I know. They teach us how to forget some of that brainwashing we had thrust upon us in grade school about being civilized in such an artificial way that we begin to forget that we are animals within nature and not apart from it.

My actual muse is, in many ways, a witch, so I think having Katy sitting here with me at my desk while I write probably connects me to wherever it is those ideas come from. To hear Katy’s explanation of things, she actually wrote most of my recent short stories “Moonlight and Ghosts” (now on Kindle) and “Cora’s Crossing” (coming soon) and then allowed me to sign my name to them. She also believes that 88 cents out of the 99-cent price must be used to buy cat chow, cat litter and designer cat toys such as the little orange mouse (fake) that she carries around the house.

If you want to write, begin by adopting a cat.


Malcolm R. Campbell & Katy are the authors of the contemporary fantasy “Sarabande” and the paranormal short story “Moonlight and Ghosts.”


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7 thoughts on “Katy (a large calico) believes she’s my muse

  1. melindaclayton on said:

    Would you let Katy know I loved “Moonlight and Ghosts?” She did a great job. πŸ˜‰

  2. At least your Katy-Muse doesn’t make you swim in icy-could mountain rivers. Can we trade muses? 😎

  3. I know my first cat belonged to a witch. A black cat. Her name was Sabbath, already named when I picked her up at the vet’s.. Hence, the novels about Sabbath’s Gift and Sabbath’s House. Coming next will be Sabbath’s Village. I say she must have belonged to a witch because I never liked cats. At all. Yet when I saw her, my heart melted. She lived with me for 20 years before passing on.
    My current cat, Cleopatra (Cleo, or DamnCat) loves to walk across the laptop, in the space between the screen and the keyboard, swishing her long tail in my face as she carefully avoids the keys.

    • I liked those stories about Sabbath! My wife Lesa has always been a cat person. Before we met, I didn’t know anything about them, much less having any around as pets. Now, they’re part of everything.


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