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BOOK BITS XTRA: Special Event: Brian and Wendy Froud Talk ‘Trolls’ at FaerieCon via weblink

Special Event: Brian & Wendy Froud Talk “Trolls” with Ellen Kushner from their Devon Home! – World’s Largest Faerie Convention featuring art, literature, crafts and music from talents from across the globe.

“This weekend at FaerieCon, international bestselling artists and authors Brian & Wendy Froud will discuss their latest book, TROLLS, with friend and author Ellen Kushner live via weblink. Hear about the making of this amazing book and learn about the mysterious, wonderful world of Trolls from the masters of Froud faeries themselves. Ellen has known Brian & Wendy for years and interviewed them about TROLLSat NY Comicon this year so it’s sure to be an entertaining and informative talk – and yes, you can ask questions too.

10:30 – 11:30 (Eastern) Sunday – TROLLS INTERVIEW with BRIAN & WENDY FROUD & ELLEN KUSHNER – The Garden Room



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