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Watching new books go “live” from site to site to site

When a new book comes out in hardcover or paperback, perhaps the most exhilarating moment for an author is opening the box from his publisher and holding the brand new volume in his/her hands for the first time.

With an e-book, there’s nothing to hold onto. So, the next best thing just might be watching the e-book appear on various bookseller sights during the first several weeks after its release.

“Moonlight and Ghosts,” my short story set in an abandoned hospital building, went live on Smashwords on September 26. An e-mail from my publisher and a Google Alert arrived in my in-basket about the same time. While I already knew what the cover looked like, it was fun hearing that the book trailer had also shown up on YouTube. A trailer always looks to me like a dramatized version of a book cover. (We’re all waiting for Hollywood to call and put the whole shebang on the big screen.)

The Kindle version appeared the following day and the OmniLit listing appeared two days ago.  I’m still waiting to see when (or if) the short story appears on the Powell’s and the Barnes & Noble sites.

Okay, I Confess, I Don’t Own an E-reader

But if I did, downloading a new book onto my Kindle or Nook would (I think) be an exciting moment. Nonetheless, I doubt that it would match the moment when an author opens a shipping box and smells that new book smell and sees all those shining book covers neatly stacked as precious to him as gold bars. The days of opening boxes of actual books aren’t gone with the wind yet, but book prophets tell us they soon will be.

So, we look for our new book pleasures in other ways. If you’re an e-book author, what are your first exciting moments with each new release?

Hmm, I wonder if it’s time to go check the B&N site to see if, er, anything new has shown up with my name on it.


Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of contemporary fantasy novels, book reviews, and the paranormal short story “Moonlight and Ghosts.” You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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