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BOOK BITS Six Links for Friday – B&N/Microsoft Deal, AAP/Google Settlement, Fforde’s ‘Last Dragonslayer’

Welcome to “Book Bits” on October 5th with five quick links. Today in literary history, Polish-American writer Isaac Bashevis Singer was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature 1978. Most of the author’s work was written in Yiddish. Learn more about Singer on the Nobel Prize website.

  • News: B&N, Microsoft Complete Deal to Create Nook Media, by Jim Milliot – “Barnes & Noble and Microsoft have finalized their partnership agreement that has created Nook Media, a B&N subsidiary in which Microsoft will hold a 17.6% stake. Nook Media, which did not have a formal name until today, will be comprised of B&N’s digital businesses as well as its college stores, and, according to B&N will have a “mutually beneficial relationship with Barnes & Noble’s retail stores.” ” – Publishers Weekly
  • Review: A Mashup Of Mundane And Magical In Jasper Fforde’s “Last Dragonslayer,” reviewed by Petra Mayer – “It’s been a big year — well, a big few years — for young adult fiction, which I’m not going to complain about in the slightest; nothing beats a good YA novel for pure storytelling punch. But I might complain, just a little, about the overwhelming sameness of some of the plots. Dystopian futures, quiet-yet-spunky teenage girls, doomed love triangles — sound familiar? Suzanne Collins has a lot to answer for. Luckily, you can crack open The Last Dragonslayer and spend time with a protagonist who has a refreshingly different set of priorities.” – NPR
  • News: Google & Publishers Settle After Seven Years, by Jason Boog – “After seven years of litigation, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and Google today have reached a settlement so Google can continue to “provide access” to books digitized through its Google Library Project.” GalleyCat
  • News: B&O Museum to aid Poe House, under proposal, by Chis Kallenbach – “Baltimore will pay the B&O Railroad Museum $180,000 to put the Edgar Allan Poe House on the road to becoming a self-sufficient, serious tourist draw, under a proposal approved by the city’s Board of Estimates Wednesday.” The Baltimore Sun
  • Review: Cookbooks: Humphry Slocombe by Jake Godby, Sean Vahey and Paolo Lucchesi, reviewed by Aaron Blanton – ” If you like ice cream, you probably don’t need this book, but if you looooooooove it enough to put your energy into making some that really stands out, then Humphry Slocombe might well be for you.   ” – January Magazine
  • Author Presentations: Author Marsha Skrypuch will speak about her book “Making Bombs for Hitler” on October 11, at 7 p. m. at the Lounge of the New Residence at the University of Ottawa.

“Book Bits” is compiled by Malcolm R. Campbell, author of contemporary fantasy novels and the recent paranormal Kindle short story “Moonlight and Ghosts.”


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3 thoughts on “BOOK BITS Six Links for Friday – B&N/Microsoft Deal, AAP/Google Settlement, Fforde’s ‘Last Dragonslayer’

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  2. As always, interesting links.

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